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Pest Control That Makes Your Home Feel Clean

The most important factor when it comes to pest control is the protection of the client and their home. At Andrews Termite and Pest Control, our goal is to provide pest control that not only exterminates the current critters but also prevents future pests from invading your home. Everybody knows that dirty feeling you get when you encounter a bug in your home and we’re here to eliminate that! Call us today to take back control of your home.

Termite Control Near Me 

As most Georgians know, finding termites in your house at some point through your life is almost inevitable here. That’s what our professionals at Andrews Termite and Pest Control are here for! Our exterminators specialize in dealing with these damaging pests and protecting your home from any future termite invasions.

We understand the importance of protecting your house (and biggest investment) when it comes to threats such as unwanted pests. Much like other intruders, it is crucial for homeowners to take action in order to protect their home from pest intrusions. Termites being one of the most structural-damaging pests can be a major threat to the security and safety of your home. For proper termite control solutions, call us at Andrews Termite and Pest Control today!

Affordable Pest Control in Lilburn

When it comes to pest control, contacting a professional is critical to ensuring the security of your home. Simple problems may be solvable with simple at-home methods, but the majority of the time the issue is out of your hands. At hard as it may be to accept, some pest control problems are simply too advanced for any home remedies to fix and can even be more expensive in the long-run. For affordable, quality services, call us at Andrews Termite and Pest Control!

A Pest-Free Life

Over our years of experienced pest control, we have provided service to customers all around Lilburn. Most of the time, our customers contact us after encountering a pest in their home, just as most people would. However, pest control goes beyond simply exterminating the current bugs in your home, it’s about preventing them altogether. Have your home one-step ahead of all those pesky bugs and get your home protected today! Call today for the bug-free life we all should be living.

Our Guaranteed Quality Pest Control 

When you’re searching for a pest control company, it is important to invest in a reliable company that provides qualified exterminators. We at Andrews Termite and Pest Control make it a priority to hand-select only the most skilled exterminators for the job. It is our promise to send your family an expert exterminator that is educated in nearly all pest control issues. This way, we can provide your home with quality pest control on the spot. Once our professional arrives, you are guaranteed a complete and thorough analysis of your home and any pest damages that are present. In addition to analysis, our exterminators will provide possible solutions to each issue and recommended treatments to prevent future invasions. Following our inspection, a full estimate will be explained in detail so that you’re aware of where your money is going without having to worry about extra fees! Let us at Andrew Termite and Pest Control handle all of your pest issues and call today.

Routine Pest Control Near Me 

With over 30 years of experience, there is nothing our exterminators haven’t dealt with. Whether it be cockroaches or bedbugs, our exterminators are here to take on the job. Call to get your home protected today!

Office Pest Control Near Me 

First impressions are huge when it comes to the business world, so keep your office clean with professional pest control treatments. Not only does pest control benefit with clients, but keeping your very own employees feeling clean and comfortable is crucial to maintaining a successful work environment. Protect your office today with quality pest control from our experts at Andrews Termite and Pest Control. Call us today to begin your pest control treatments!

Termite Control near Lilburn Georgia

Subterranean Termites are found in every region of the United States as a natural aspect of the soil’s surface ecosystem. Termites feed off of any type of cellulose. It isn’t uncommon to find termites in firewood, books, cabinets, furniture, 

and sub-floors. Soft woods are easiest for termites to consume. Unfortunately for the consumer, soft woods are most commonly used in structural building products. 

Emergency Termite & Pest Control Services in Lilburn 

Termites require a moist environment to remain hydrated. For this reason, they are often found in the soil or amongst cellulose material (such as wood piles) or near a water source (down spouts, leaky gutters, condensation). Anytime there is a swarm of termites, a homeowner needs to have the home inspected by a registered technician. Even a small amount of termite swarmers could be indicative of a larger termite colony near the structure, beneath or right near the structure. 

Pest Control Company Removing One Pest at a Time!

The best protection against a termite infestation is treatment by a licensed pest control company. There are several different treatment options available. One of our registered technicians can evaluate your home and help you determine the best treatment option for your structure, as well as determine any conditions that may make future infestation more likely. Contact us today to get your treatment plan underway, in Loganville, Monroe, Watkinsville, Athens, Winder, Bethlehem, and all East Metro Areas.


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